WE need your “POD Wisdom”

Introducing a New Blog Category – “POD WISDOM”

By Bill Schacht, MS, LCSW


Time to tap into our Association value!

Our next blog posted will be the introduction of a new blog category…


Although, as the 60 million people of divorce in America, we represent all the not-so-clever things we did to end up divorced, collectively we also have more experience and  insights into what causes marriages to fail, what happens to families after divorce , and what can be done to optimally recover from family separation and recreate a joyful daily life.

We may not think we have all the answers.  But, if we ask the right questions of ourselves and one another and we dig deeply inside of ourselves for the answers, our wisdom will emerge.  Combined, this wisdom will be profound.

The Association’s role will be to compile and organize the wisdom contributed by each of us and get it back out to the membership.

Each POD WISDOM blog will pose a question reported as common to many of us.   A FORUM on the topic will simultaneously be posted with a format and guidelines to submit your personal wisdom on the subject. A composite report will tie all of our wisdom together and be posted as an article.

My plan is to simultaneously pose the same question being addressed to a number of  “experts” in the field of divorce to compare our natural wisdom with that of the pros.

It is not the wisdom of any one of us that holds the potential; it is the wisdom of all of us that can magnificently guide our futures.

Share your wisdom…PLEASE!

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