The Structure of the Association: A Seedling Today, A Driving Force Tomorrow

The Structure of the Association: A Seedling Today, A Driving Force Tomorrow

by Bill Schacht, MS, LCSW

As 60,000,000 People of Divorce, we exist as the largest subset of the American population, bar gender.  As one voice, our potential to effect change and create good is beyond what we can imagine today.  United, we can be a potent economic and political influence – even greater than organizations like the NRA and National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship.

To harness and guide our potential, we have initially structured PEOPLE OF DIVORCE – The Association to secure a rapidly growing membership, provide immediate educational and resource benefit, and get us talking to one another about what we need and is important to us.

We will only fulfill our mission by being a membership driven organization.  Those of us who created The POD bring early leadership, insights, and teachings.  But, immediately, each and every member will be encouraged and given opportunities to communicate to The Association his/her needs and wants.  From these we will expand and evolve as an increasingly valuable resource.

And, we must start somewhere.

We open as a web based community.  Our website is anchored around a blog which will post 2 weekly entries: one of interest to all POD’s, another specific to POD’s with children (35% of American divorces involve children under the age of 18).

The membership will be given weekly Forum topics which will promote dialogue amongst the membership and creating questions for the professional experts on the topics.

We will conduct short polls of the membership consistent with blog and forum topics.

Members will have access to an expanding list of more extensive surveys to gather in depth awareness of members’ desire for educational opportunities and support resources.

The POD contained social network, a similar structure to Facebook, becomes the immediate resource to post needs and wants and create member groups with common, specific needs.  We will share what we have learned about what works and what does not work in facing POD challenges.  For example, A POD single dad who is raising an autistic 10 year old asked how he could begin networking with other POD’s facing the same parenting challenges.

The website opens with posted articles and links to other sites and articles of interest on the internet.

In Wisconsin, PEOPLE OF DIVORCE, LLC is already locally presenting a 4-hour Parents’ Seminar called “KIDS-IN-A-BREAK: Providing Necessary Support for Your Child of Divorce.”  Soon, this seminar will be available to members on The Association website.

A 5-session; 10 hour course for children, ages 8-17,in family separation and divorce, “KIDS-IN-A-BREAK” is also being offered through the Recreation Departments in three Wisconsin communities.  Our plans for a POD kids’ educational web site will be shared in a forthcoming blog.

The POD is a nationwide, grassroots initiative.  Our best potential for membership growth is through word-of-mouth and viral.  Our ability to expand services and resources will be directly correlated to our membership numbers.

We can best make a difference by engaging in our web site offerings, posting our want and needs and our impressions of information being posted on The Association site.

And, to get this off and running, we will benefit by getting anyone and everyone we know who has felt the pain of divorce to join our Association.  Not only our peers, but also the professionals: our attorneys, local school staff, clergy, mental health providers, doctors, financial advisors, government officials.

We will do much good as a membership of 5,000.  We will do unbelievable good as a membership of 5,000,000+.

Together and communicating, we can do so much.  For today, we will do what we can.

Our next blog will present a long-term vision of The POD Association future.

Did this blog provide information that will cause you to take action? LEAVE A REPLY below and tell us more. Does this blog provide information that will help you achieve your goal of never divorcing again? Will you post further comments or ask questions about this blog on The POD social network? Is this blog relevant to your life experience as a person of divorce? Let us know, below…


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