The POD Inaugural Blog: A Call to Action

The POD Inaugural Blog: A Call to Action

By Bill Schacht, MS, LCSW

“The most valuable organization you never wanted to join!”

The honest truth is that none of us want to be here.  What brings us here is our common experience of family separation and divorce – the challenges, the pain.  Although we all arrive here from different stories, distinct histories, we have many similar fears and a kindred spirit to do our best to recreate post-divorce life as happy and healthy for ourselves and our children.  We all want to get over “it” and move beyond “it.”

The negative impact of divorce on both adults and children is well documented and absolutely terrifying.  Web search illuminates countless reads on the subject.  There are also a gazillion articles and books on the cause of divorce, what to do to prevent divorce, parenting children of divorce, and any other aspect of divorce imaginable.

But, unbelievably, in our world of an increased divorce rate of 500% in the last 90 years and in a society where, of the next 10 children born in the United States  today, only two will be living with both of their parents by age 17, none of what has been written or read has made a difference.  Countless number of psychotherapy hours, sermons by clergy, classes by school counselors, or efforts by concerned family to intervene have not reversed the American epidemic of marriage failure and families broken apart.

Rightfully, we are all concerned about our futures.  We are told that 63% of second marriages fail, 73% of third marriages fail, and that our children of divorce marry less often and divorce more often than kids from intact families.

We are here to put an end to that.  We and our children are not willing to be statistics of this trend.  We are starting a movement; championing a worthwhile cause.

PEOPLE OF DIVORCE-The Association exists as a bold mission …


To provide a facilitative voice, support, and

educational services to people of divorce

so that they have the opportunity to express

their potential, enjoy life to the fullest,

and never experience the pain of divorce again.

I dare to imagine our success.  Can you?  What if you committed to learn whatever you needed to learn, change whatever you needed to change, and do whatever you needed to do and experienced the success of never divorcing again, your children never experiencing another divorce, and your grandchildren never being touched by divorce?  Would your efforts be worthwhile?

The POD Association (The POD) will provide resources and a network of support to help us be successful.

Every great journey begins with a first step.  We as individuals and as a community have taken it.  We are here and we will take the next step and the next and the next…

Join us.  The value of what we will accomplish together cannot be grasped by our imagination today.

Is this blog relevant to your life experience as a person of divorce?  LEAVE A REPLY below and tell us more.  Does this blog provide information that will help you achieve your goal of never divorcing again?  Will you post further comments or ask questions about this blog on The POD social network?  Did this blog provide information that will cause you to take action?  Let us know, below…


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