“The POD” – Our Social Network Rules of Engagement

“The POD” – Our Social Network Rules of Engagement

By Bill Schacht, MS, LCSW

“The POD” is the name we have affectionately given to our community.  Its name both defines who we are and declares that we are committed to have our community as a safe place to interact.

Our PEOPLE OF DIVORCE – The Association social network is the most powerful tool we have.  It is the vehicle that will allow us to…

  • Learn from one another by sharing what has worked and what has not worked for us in facing common POD life challenges.
  • Ask questions of the membership when we are stuck in POD-related issues.
  • Share other resources (i.e. professional, media, etc.) we have used successfully to help us in our separation, divorce, and blending families process.
  • Create special interest member groups around shared challenges (i.e. co-parenting at distance) and projects (i.e. re-organizing financially post divorce, etc.).

In other words, communicate to The Association what education, support, and resources we, as individuals and families, want and need our Association to provide so help us achieve our goals of never divorcing again and creating and sustaining the joyful, healthy relationships.

As we researched the market and planned the creation of The Association, we reviewed hundreds of divorce-related websites.  Sadly, we saw that many of the forum and social network sites showed way too many posts and entries of folks slamming their ex, bemoaning their fate, and using the site as their virtual psychotherapist.

We want our community to be safe, productive, and somewhat entertaining, not a place to get depressed by reading rants, raves, and venting to nowhere.  We are not and Association of “whoa is me!”  We are not a gathering spot for angry, highly conflicted people who want to inflict more pain on their ex.

We ARE a culture of Never Again! – and creating our own and family happiness through awareness and positive change.

To that end, here are the rules of engagement for our social network posts and entries…

The POD – Rules of Engagement

 Posts allowed and welcomed…

  • Request the Association to expand our services or make our organization better.  Write what you want and need The Association to be for you and your family.
  • Share a challenge that you and your family have faced as POD and what you did that helped you be successful in overcoming that obstacle or things you tried that caused you to fail or made the situation worse.
  • Share what you have learned about what you did or did not do that contributed to the failure of your marriage.  Share what you have done to correct those as you explore or engage in new relationship.
  • Share things that you have learned and use to create joyful, healthy relationships.
  • Share co-parenting successes.  Share what you learned that causes co-parenting failure.
  • Acknowledge your ex for a good thing they did to make post-divorce life better for you and your children.
  • Present topics of interest that you would like to see engaged in The Association blogs and forums.
  • Ask questions and request The Association to provide educational opportunities on your areas of interest.
  • Share professional resources and support that have been valuable to you and your family.

Post content that is prohibited …

  •  All language that is profanity or vulgar.
  • All language that is discriminatory of race, ethnicity, creed, or legal sexual preference.
  • Posting of real name, identifying information, or contact information of any person. It is acceptable to post contact information of a professional resource you are recommending to the membership.
  • Repeated bashing or blaming of ex’s or other people.
  • Advertising or selling of any service or product other than those approved by PEOPLE OF DIVORCE – The Association.

The Association reserves the right to cancel any membership and remove any posts that it deems in violation of the rules of engagement.


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