Providing Effective and Appropriate Support For Our Children of Divorce

Providing Effective and Appropriate Support For Our Children of Divorce
By Bill Schacht, MS, LCSW

There are few resources for parents who see their children struggling through family separation and divorce.

Some school systems provide after school support groups and individual access to school counselors, social workers , and school psychologists. The availability and effectiveness of these services vary.

Some churches provide excellent support from clergy and church outreach. Some do not.

The resource most visible to parents to get help for their children is outpatient psychological services. A parent will be told by a child’s teacher, school counselor, pediatrician, or clergy, “Maybe your child should see a therapist.” Many parents come to this conclusion themselves. Sometimes kids ask for such support.

I am mental health professional licensed to provide such service to adults and children.

Even with understanding the scarcity of effective support resources for our children in many American communities, please be informed that, psychotherapy, as you imagine it, is not a good choice for the majority of the children. This may be hard to understand.

I have posted “Red Alert” (click here) to further educate you on the subject.

Our responsibility as PEOPLE OF DIVORCE – The Association is to ensure that effective education and support is available to children of all ages facing the challenges of family separation in a structure consistent with the child’s condition and circumstances.

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